Card Games For Kids – A Fun Way to Pass the Time

card games for kids

Card Games For Kids – A Fun Way to Pass the Time

It is so easy for parents to get wrapped up in the idea of creating a game night, gathering their children and their friends around the table, playing some old fashioned card games. After a few outings with this routine, it can be easy to forget that the only thing all kids need to have fun is a deck of cards and a little bit of time. And while everyone s has their personal favorite simple card games for kids, a few 2-player card games, couple card games, and even toddler card games really stand out as tried and true favorites. Here are my top 5 favorite card games for kids:

Flowers For Sale – This one may not be considered a card game, but it definitely promotes communication skills, as well as just being a nice time for everyone to come together and have fun. It is also great at building social skills as well as improving analytical and logical skills. There are many card games for kids that encourage trading and relationships, and this one is among the best. It works well for almost any age group, from infants to teens. The fact that it can be played by both kids and adults really makes it something to consider when planning group activities.

Candyland – This is one of those card games for kids that works well for almost any age group and also encourages interaction between players. You mix up the traditional Christmas candy with several types of chips, and the objective of the game is to try and get your candies into other player’s cups by making them pop out of their holes. The more candy you pop out, the more points you score, but there is always room for one more candle. Of course, there is always room for a tie-break too! As you might expect, this one can be enjoyed by both kids and adults.

Memory – This one can be really tricky, especially if you are new to playing. Basically, each player receives a whole deck of cards, and then they must form the word or phrase, using the cards they have been dealt, in some manner. Whoever comes closest to completing the phrase correctly wins. This is one of the harder card games for kids because it requires a certain degree of thinking ahead to ensure that you aren’t already too far behind the other players. It is best to start out with a small portion of the deck so that you do not end up spending all your time trying to solve the puzzle.

Monopoly – If you enjoy playing Monopoly, then you know that it is usually pretty easy to invest a lot of money in properties, earn money, and buy up all the goods in the game. This is also one of those card games for kids where the money you spend is not limited to purchasing the cards but can extend to buying buildings, roads, trash bins, etc. In addition, players can use their money to purchase supplies for their properties. Keep in mind, though, that in order to move from one property to another, you must first pay all your taxes.

Ship Sails – One of the more simple games on this list, Ship Sails can be very enjoyable for both kids and adults. Basically, all you need to do is choose a specific shape, such as circles, squares, or ovals, and then you just place a number of items onto the board. The goal is to reach the opposing team’s ship sails and knock them all loose, while preventing them from moving their ships around. This is a simple concept that keeps players entertained for quite some time, until someone hits the winning card.