The Best Card Games For Kids

Card games are an important part of any party. While you wouldn’t think of having a birthday party without them, you cannot deny the fact that card games are an integral part of many party themes. Whether it is a children’s party or a party for adults, there are plenty of games to keep everyone entertained. Read on to learn more about some of the best card games that you could try at your next party.

best card games

This game is best played with four or five players. Players take turns laying out their hands with their respective card sets facing out from the others. The first person to remove all of their cards from the deck is deemed the loser and must take another turn before everyone has a chance to play again. A good way to mix things up is to have one player take turns playing a different suit of cards, such as aces, kings, queens and jacks.

This is one of the best card games suited for both adult and kid ages. It pits two people against each other in a battle of luck. Two decks of cards are laid on the table. One player alternately deals each of the decks with a ten card face. The remaining players place their hands on the table and take turns picking cards from the deck, attempting to eliminate those not chosen by the last player.

If there is one standard element to all the best card games, it is the goal to eliminate cards by aiming and hitting them with a hocus pocus wand. Each player has a wand and must aim it at those cards without letting it touch any other cards on the table. While aiming, players must move their hands slowly so as not to make it easy for the other players to see their cards. Hocus pocus allows for amazing concentration among players, who otherwise may be distracted by the other players.

While most of the best card games feature luck as the main factor that determines who gets to keep and who gets to lose, some mechanics also help make the game more interesting. One of these mechanics is known as the matching strategy. With this mechanic, two players can sit opposite each other in a bid to match cards; the person with the most matching cards at the end of the game wins.

One of the best card games when it comes to mechanics is named the exploding kitten. In this game, a group of kittens are placed on the bottom of a hat. After all the kittens have been placed, an adult cat in the group sneaks up and puts his hands on one of the kittens. The adult then attempts to shake the kitten off by shaking its head. If the adult succeeds in doing this, he becomes the rightful owner of this beautiful kitten and it becomes playable.